Sunday Celebration

Come! See what the Holy Spirit is doing at Valleyview Church! Worship starts at 10:30am.

As in every area of our church life, we desire to be scriptural in worship.   First and foremost we believe that praise and worship must begin in the heart. (Mt. 15:8, 9) However, praise and worship that begins in the heart WILL BE expressed outwardly.

      Listen to a recent Sunday Worship Service

Following are nine biblical expressions of praise & worship you will often find in our meetings:

With our mouths, we…

* Sing   (Ps. 47:6)
* Speak   (Ps. 26:7)
* Shout   (Ps. 47:1)

With our hands, we…

* Play Instruments   (Ps. 33:2,3)
* Clap   (Ps. 47:1)
* Lift   (Ps. 134:2)

With our bodies, we…

* Stand   (Ps. 134:1)
* Bow   (Ps. 95:6)
* Dance   (Ps. 149:3)

Our service lasts about two hours and is usually divided into two segments, with the first half dedicated to worship and ministry, and the second to the preaching of the Word. (We say “usually” because we always seek the leading of the Holy Spirt – and occasionally that means the entire service will be devoted to worship, prayer, and/or ministering to the needs of those in the body.)

A nursery is available during the entire service for those with infants and toddlers. Children are included, and encouraged to actively participate in our worship. Sunday-School classes are provided during the teaching time for children in pre-K thru 6th grade.

At the conclusion of every Celebration Gathering we have dedicated teams to minister to you and your family for any needs you may have. Our “Ministry Team” will be up front with tags on to identify them and are happy to pray with you, especially if your need wasn’t addressed during the worship and/or teaching portion of our gathering. We also have a “Prophetic Team” who will share with you “prophetic words from the Holy Spirit” for those who need to hear from Him. This team is presently located in the front of our main auditorium in the room to the right. Please take advantage of these Ministry & Prophetic teams as they are thrilled and blessed to be given the opportunity to minister to you.